My Eczema/Dry Skin & Nail Miracle - Phenomen Oil by Jessica

Hello cutie,
I hope you're dandy today!

I wanted to share with you a little fantastic secret of mine that really has saved my skin and nails, eczema sufferer or not, this really is a treat for everyone.

I have most likely suffered from eczema my whole life without even realising it, so as a result, I have never treated it properly. It was not until this year that I was finally told that my dry and itchy patches were in fact the wrath of satan, aka eczema.
After being given some cream to try pacify the satanic itches, I found that it didn't even help.
 Great. SO how the heck do you deal with eczema when not even the recommend cream works?!

Like a knight in shinning armour, the lovely Clare at the found my solution.
After bonding over both being sufferers of the devil's eczema, she kindly sent me Phenomen Oil by Jessica.
And wow.
One drop. I kid you not, one drop.
Intensive indeed.
Now, I'm no beauty expert however I cannot put into words how much I appreciate this product's existence. This being my first experience of Jessica, I now expect amazing things from them!
The product itself only contains 7.4ml, however I only have to use one drop on each dry patch weekly to keep that skin from rebelling.
Places that are affected by eczema and enjoy a lil drop, include my toes, fingers and hands. However I love using it on my elbows and knees, I never have dry elbows anymore!
I have even began using it on my cracked lips (dry lips due to meds) and the cracks are gone instantly?!
I've used this product since January and despite how well loved it looks (oh that battered box!) just over half the bottle is still left which is surprisingly pleasant indeed. It is priced at around £8-10, at first glance I would see the quantity and label it as overpriced. However, the quality rules these thoughts out completely! Especially if the bottle can last at least 6 odd months. I am stingy when it comes to beauty products, refusing to spend anymore than £5 odd, but I know that I will be repurchasing.Oils normally scare me for some unexplained reason, however this transparent oil is easy as pie to apply with its mess free pipette. I feel like a mini scientist. Plus, the skin drinks and slurps it right up (that moisturised feelin'), making the skin feel light, rather than sticky or heavy.

Even if you don't suffer from dry skin, I completely recommend using the product on your nails to help prevent your nails from splitting, and to provide added strength. The result? Nails like steel!
I also have to spend a second or two telling you about its scent, its glorious, but not overpowering.
It smells like talcum powder mixed with a sprinkle of amaretto biscuit -  thanks to that almond oil!

You can find this beauty below;

Jessica Phenomen Oil Lrg


I personally hope that you get to smell this beauty soon, make sure to look out for it and sniff it!
Let me know if you get ahold of it, I'd love to know your thoughts on it.
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Stay safe, stay beautiful and have a wonderful day!

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